Ystad & Österlen offer a wide range of unique and enjoyable experiences. This is paradise for the nature lover, with plenty of hiking trails. Here is never difficult to access. Just enjoyable. Ystad & Österlen boasts an extensive coastline, which is ideal for all manner of activities by, on or in the water. Why not go on a guided fishing trip by boat and try catching a huge salmon salmon or cod?


In the 12th century, a number of fishermen and their families settled where the sea met the land near the now covered mouth of the river Vassån. From this settlement grew Ystad, today a central meeting place for people, ideas and cultures. The town´s buildings are a proof of a long, exiting history. Ever since the ferry started from Ystad in 17th century, music and theatre have played an important role. Today, the cultural life buzzes as never before, and the town´s tradtional theatre is often the hub of cultural events. The municilality is host to many active societies associations who are happy to show off their skills when the opportunity arises.

Wallander: In 2004, Ystad was transformed into a film town. It had long been as the home of Inpector Kurt Wallander in Henning Mankell´s popular books, but that year filming based in the books and scripts by the author commenced. Around fifty films have been made in the region since then, and several are still in production. Since 1991, when th first book came out, Wallander tourists have visited Ystad to experience the scenes for real.

KÅSEBERGA 10 km from Mälarhusen Stugby.

High upp on the ridge, offering fantastic views is Sweden´s largest preserved ancient monument, Ales stenar, which today includes a total of 59 stone blocks in the form of a 67-meters long and 19-meters wide ship. The paths up here from the harbour and from the village are well-used; the stones area popular tourist destination that is really worth making the effort for.Grilled and smoked from the sea: Down in the harbour, the only one btween Ystad and Skillinge, fishing and leusure boats bob up and down. Anglers stnad on the pier, which sometimes function as bathing platform, hoping for sea trout, while elsewhere far of the cul-de-sac, smoke is rising from the fish smokehouse. The smells are exquisite, making you long for a plate of herrings. But fishdishes are not the only thing you can enjoy, as there are a number of other restaurants and cafés close by.


Sweden´s southernmost national park offers great hiking and has a 97 meter high observation deck towards the ocean, beaches and apple orchards. The visitor´s center "Naturum" has an exhibition describing the park´s fauna and flora. The beach here is a superb and on a clear day you can see the Danish island of Bornholm.


Undulating countryside with mixed flora and fauna where you can enjoy hiking.


Kiviksgraven is so much more than a 3500 year old barrow, Its like a a journey through the prehistoric times of Österlen, from ice melts and uplift of the land right up to the Viking thar was buried here with his beloved dog.

Here one finds Kiviksgraven, which is one of Scandinavia´s widest tomb cairns from the Bronze Age. Inside, there is also a knowledge center for the prehistoric times of Österlen. Experience track with QR codes, guided tours, analog augmented reality. Aha corner and smaller exhibits of objects.