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Nature offers lots of variety in Ystad & Österlen. Here, nature is never difficult to access. The beautiful beaches along the Ystad & Österlen nearly five mil-long coast are relentless. Here you can enjoy beach life in several ways. All year round there is a beach for everyone, whatever your mood or the weather.


You walk easy to the beach of Mälarhusen within 15 minutes from our holiday village.The beach at Mälarhusen is level, wide eminently walkable - and just as beautiful on a sunny day as in an autumnal or wintery storm. Undulating sand dunes, gulls gliding on the breeze, and foaming waves. At the parking you will find restrooms.


Let your toes sink down inte the fine white sand at Sandhammaren beach, along with Mälarhusen strand one of Sweden´s best best beaches. There´s plenty of space, as well as peace and quiet for some holiday reading. 


Cykla på Österlen

Ystad & Österlen southeast Skåne

Southeastern Skåne is a small holiday paradise. From Haväng in the north to Ystad in the south the coastline is more than 80 kilometers long. Glittering ocean and golden sand dunes as far as the eay can see. Here you can find hiking trails that are attractive all year around: Through blossoming apple orchards in springtime, alonng fields of yellow rape during the summer or in a landscape of colours in autumn. The hiking trail Österlenleden, for example, takes you from the coast to the inerior of Skåne with its unique flora and fauna as well as its quiet lakes with good possibilities for fishing. The national bicycle route Sydostleden passes several of the area´s cultural heritage sites, beutiful nature reserves and Sweden´s southernmost national park, Stenshuvud. On the  culinary front, there are fine dining, Michelin-starred restaurants and Toscana-style pizzerias with rustic wooden tables and fairy lights at night. As well as raw food cafe´s for the  conscious eater. Ecological and locally produced have long been words of honour and guided food tours are being arranged for those who want to get really close to the producers. Especially delicious food experiences are the Asparagus Days, the Matrundan Tour and Skånes Food Festival in May as well as Kivik´s Apple Market and the harvest festivals in September. Southeast Skåne offers year-round activities. From relaxing trolley and canoe tours during the summer to yoga classes and retreats during autumn and winter. From exciting jeep rallies and wakeboard surfing in summertime to New Tear dips and raft sauna during the winter, Golf can be played practically the whole year round.

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Ystad & Österlen for the family

THE HOUSE OF THE APPLE Experience house centred on the apple. A learning centre focusing on apples. A working cider factory, beehives and information on apples. Cultivation of various apple varieties, demonstration orchards, cider cellars. YSTAD ANIMAL PARK Here at Ystad Djurpark, we try to ensure that our animals and visitors all feel at home. Amid the undulating countryside, you can meet large exotic animals from around the world and many different native breeds, as well as monkeys, lemurs, meerkats, birds and reptiles. In all, we currently  have around 60 different species. We also have a large pool area with heated pools. And not forgetting our fantastic café, where you can stop for a bite, something to drink or an ice-cream.  GLIMMINGEHUS The building was commisioned by the Danish nobleman Jens Holgersen Ulfstand, built as a fortress and dwelling. Archaelogical finds suggested that Ulfstand lived a comfortable, wealthy life at Glimmingehus in the early 16th century. These finds includes Venetian glass and Spanish ceramics. He would no doubt have appreciated that the fact the castle still lives on as an important medieval center, as well as being an exciting tourist attraction. Glimmehus is a living monument as well as an exciting excursion to the castle museum, the medieval kitchen and museum shop. The foundation stone of glimmingehus added May 2, 1499. Combining the exciting experience with food or snacks from the café. Glimmingehus is the best preserved medival castle and one of Skåne´s most talked about and popular destinations. STEAMTRAIN BRÖSARP-S:T OLOF TOSSELILLA  Fun and games for the whole family at Tosselilla, Skåne´s largest pleasure park with waterfeatures, animals and nature activities, funfair and lots of exciting things to do.Waterland, bumber boats, canoes, Tarzan trail, amusement park, jumping cushions, go-carting, veteran cars, children´s cars/train, BBQ area, restaurant. Entrance fee. YSTAD STUDIOS VISITOR CENTER Here you are met by a world full of inspiring film environments and things to do. Step right into the studio building, see and try props and create yourself with professional technology and with the help of our people. Immerse yourself in Mankell´s Wallander world, enjoy yourself in Circus imagos stables or go on a spacetour Pax and the gang from Milky Way. There is also a café and a shop with movie memorabilia. The doors will open in March 2018 and we invite you to experience and explore the world of film and cinema, both in front of and behind the camera. ALES STONES Sweden´s best-kept stone arrangement (formed as a ship) can be seen from the hill above Kåseberga with stunning sea view. The 59 boulders were erected around 1400 years ago and createa 67-meter wide fascinating formation.

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Ales stenar

Ales stones

Ystad & Österlen

Ystad & Österlen offer a wide range of unique and enjoyable experiences. This is paradise for the nature lover, with plenty of hiking trails. Here is never difficult to access. Just enjoyable. Ystad & Österlen boasts an extensive coastline, which is ideal for all manner of activities by, on or in the water. Why not go on a guided fishing trip by boat and try catching a huge salmon salmon or cod? YSTAD In the 12th century, a number of fishermen and their families settled where the sea met the land near the now covered mouth of the river Vassån. From this settlement grew Ystad, today a central meeting place for people, ideas and cultures. The town´s buildings are a proof of a long, exiting history. Ever since the ferry started from Ystad in 17th century, music and theatre have played an important role. Today, the cultural life buzzes as never before, and the town´s tradtional theatre is often the hub of cultural events. The municilality is host to many active societies associations who are happy to show off their skills when the opportunity arises. Wallander: In 2004, Ystad was transformed into a film town. It had long been as the home of Inpector Kurt Wallander in Henning Mankell´s popular books, but that year filming based in the books and scripts by the author commenced. Around fifty films have been made in the region since then, and several are still in production. Since 1991, when th first book came out, Wallander tourists have visited Ystad to experience the scenes for real. KÅSEBERGA 10 km from Mälarhusen Stugby. High upp on the ridge, offering fantastic views is Sweden´s largest preserved ancient monument, Ales stenar, which today includes a total of 59 stone blocks in the form of a 67-meters long and 19-meters wide ship. The paths up here from the harbour and from the village are well-used; the stones area popular tourist destination that is really worth making the effort for.Grilled and smoked from the sea: Down in the harbour, the only one btween Ystad and Skillinge, fishing and leusure boats bob up and down. Anglers stnad on the pier, which sometimes function as bathing platform, hoping for sea trout, while elsewhere far of the cul-de-sac, smoke is rising from the fish smokehouse. The smells are exquisite, making you long for a plate of herrings. But fishdishes are not the only thing you can enjoy, as there are a number of other restaurants and cafés close by. STENSHUVUD NATIONAL PARK Sweden´s southernmost national park offers great hiking and has a 97 meter high observation deck towards the ocean, beaches and apple orchards. The visitor´s center "Naturum" has an exhibition describing the park´s fauna and flora. The beach here is a superb and on a clear day you can see the Danish island of Bornholm. BRÖSARPS BACKAR Undulating countryside with mixed flora and fauna where you can enjoy hiking. KIVIKSGRAVEN  Kiviksgraven is so much more than a 3500 year old barrow, Its like a a journey through the prehistoric times of Österlen, from ice melts and uplift of the land right up to the Viking thar was buried here with his beloved dog. Here one finds Kiviksgraven, which is one of Scandinavia´s widest tomb cairns from the Bronze Age. Inside, there is also a knowledge center for the prehistoric times of Österlen. Experience track with QR codes, guided tours, analog augmented reality. Aha corner and smaller exhibits of objects. SIMRISHAMN   KIVIK  

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